What You Need To Know About Michael Kors Booties

Nobody is arguing about the fact that there are a plethora of shoe and boot options available on the fashion circuit.  Another thing nobody seems to be arguing about is the quality and style of a good pair of Michael Kors booties.  As an essential part of any shoe wardrobe, a good pair of boots opens your closet to a whole host of new fashion possibilities.

Hot Ways to Wear Cool Boots

The days of boots being strictly for cowboys, bike riders, and jockeys are long gone!  Boots are acceptable to wear with just about anything.   A smart fashionista will agree that a good outfit is quickly transformed into a hot ensemble when you add the flair of a quality pair of boots or booties.

  • One of the hottest and most timeless trends is to add a pair of Michael Kors booties to a skirt ensemble.  Long or short, your skirt-laden outfit goes from demure to delicious with a quick change into the right boots or booties.  Accentuate your beautiful legs and add height and class to any of your outfits – from simple to extravagant.
  • Another high fashion option is to pair some booties with a pair of tailored trousers.  Gone are the days when wearing dress shoes or high heels were the only acceptable option to a tailored pant suit.  With the right pair of sexy, heeled booties, you can amp up your casual or professional look with the addition of just one little detail.   It has become one of the hottest fashion choices in the professional world; and those who know how to correctly wear a stellar pair of boots with their pant suits are seen as being the most capable.
  • Sometimes, when done right, booties can even look good when paired with shorts.   Boots and booties can’t always be worn with shorts, but if done right they can.  You will want to choose a pair with a bit of a heel, either chunky, wrapped heel, or platform.  The added height will elongate the look of your legs and easily bring your desired look to a halt at fabulous.

Michael Kors booties come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and designs, so finding the right pair for the ensemble you desire to wear most is a cinch.  Some styles are open-toed while others are closed, but one thing they all have in common is that they all look great with whatever they are paired.  Several fine retailers offer Michael Kors designs; and finding them online is simple as well.

High quality shoes, boots, and booties are an essential part of anyone’s wardrobe.  Buying the best of the best of high quality shoes is a choice only the wise make.  Don’t spend your time searching for replacements when you could simply purchase quality to begin with.  The designers at Michael Kors knew the importance of quality over quantity when they designed the Michael Kors line; and this will become apparent to you as soon as you try a pair of booties on.

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