Unique Home Gifts For Your Favourite Couple

When friends get married or move into a new house, getting them a gift that they can use at home is a great idea. Not only will they be able to use the gifts around the home, but they’ll also fondly remember your thoughtfulness every time they see it.

Gifts for the home don’t have to be boring, and they don’t have to be expensive! Here are a few ideas on what to get your favourite couple for their home.

Personalised Bath Towels Or Personalised Bathrobes

Many people love the idea of monogrammed towels or bathrobes for their bathrooms but never get around to purchasing them. It’s so easy to get a set of personalised bath towels or bathrobes. Gift these to the couple, and they’ll be able to give their bathroom a sophisticated touch with something useful and decorative.

Custom Candles

This is a gift that’s getting more popular, and that’s for good reason! Custom candles can be made in your friends’ favourite scents, and you can even have a candle with a personalised photograph on the label of the jar or tumbler. Giving a candle like this will help them relax at home, and they’ll have a unique memory jar they can use once they’ve used up the candle!

Decorative Doormats

Doormats are so useful, but many people forget about buying one when they’re moving into a new home! Give your friends a personalised doormat with their name, favourite sports team, or another unique image on it. Not only will it give their home some character to match their personalities, but their house will also stay cleaner!

Engraved Houseware

While glassware and silverware are probably items the couple will shop for themselves, they can never have too many cups or knives! A fun way to spice up this gift is to have them engraved with the family name, the year they moved, or another interesting phrase. As they use the houseware through the years, they’ll be given a lovely reminder of where they came from, and the items themselves can become family heirlooms!

Handcrafted Decorations

When your friends are moving homes, they might be too busy to decorate for the season. An inexpensive, thoughtful gift such as a wreath for the door, a set of decorative bowls for the counter, or a tablecloth for the table can help your friends settle into the new season along with their new home! If you’re crafty and can hand-make the gift, even better! They’ll get a one of a kind piece that they can use year after year, always with you fondly in mind.

No matter what gift you give your friends as they enter a new stage of their life, make sure it’s personal. Expensive gifts are nice, but the best gifts are full of love and thoughtfulness!


Unique Home Gifts For Your Favourite Couple

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Personalised Bath Towels to Bathrobes: Gifts for a Couple

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When friends get married or move into a new house, getting them a creative, personal gift that they can use at home is a great idea.

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