Top Tips For Choosing Your Money Clip Card Holder

Your personality can be truly reflected by the type of wallet you use. A sleek and streamlined wallet is the one that everybody would love to have. It looks decent, is easy to carry, and shows that you have a fashion sense. People who use thick and bulky wallets, find it difficult to manage credit cards, bills, IDs and other such things. A perfect solution for this problem is to use a money clip card holder, the type of minimalist wallet that is convenient for all occasions, whether you are shopping or traveling.

A money clip card holder is a small wallet with a money clip (often a magnetic clip), and a few compartments for carrying IDs and credit cards. Although, it appears to be a usual billfold wallet, it is much thinner. A wide variety of clip card holders is available in the market and often it becomes a difficult task to choose the ideal one for you. Some useful tips given below can help you find the right clip card holder.

First, decide the type of card holder design you require. A clip card holder is the best option, if you only carry two or three cards with you. However, if you carry many cards, then the traditional card holders are suitable. This is because, they enable you to access a single card at a time and keep you away from the trouble of detaching all your cards from the money clip, every time you need to get one.

Next is to choose the kind of money clip you want. Different options are available like traditional, spring loaded and magnetic. The magnetic card holders are in general, used with a card holder made of leather. The magnets hold the clip together, allowing it to swing open and close without any difficulty. A special feature of these clips is that they never stretch out and hence, you can simply carry a considerable amount of cash. Spring-loaded clips are made of metal. They have a spring to keep them locked, which enables them to hold money without becoming distorted, if stretched beyond parallel.

After deciding the type of money clip, you must check whether it is detachable or is affixed with the wallet. Your wallet is much safer with a non-detachable clip as its chances of slipping out of your wallet are negligible. Also, test the money clip by placing a few pieces of paper to check if it can hold all the papers easily. A clip card wallet is rigid or stiffer than an ordinary billfold wallet, therefore you should select holder that is made of ductile but flexible or supple leather. By doing this, you will remain comfortable when the holder is in your pocket.

Finally, the choice of money clip card holder also depends on your taste, preferences and your personal style. Often money clip holders come with etchings, decorative designs and are made of precious metals like silver, gold, and platinum. Some of them are embellished with jewels, giving them a luxurious look. You can also get your clip holder personalized by engraving your initials or personal nicknames, to give it a funky touch. You can pick any clip holder you like, but always go for the best quality to make it the ideal accessory for you.

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