The Top Risks Related to Laser Hair Removal Treatments – and What You can Do if You have an Injury

Hair removal by means of laser treatment is becoming more and more popular, in part due because it is so effective, and in part due because technology has allowed it to become a fairly economical means of lessening hair growth. It usually takes multiple treatments to achieve the goal, and it works by destroying the hair follicle (at the root) by burning. Naturally, the procedure is not without certain risks, and things go wrong more often than one would like to think. When accidents happen, it’s usually the technician’s fault; things go wrong most often due to negligence, ignorance, or faulty training. Here are the top risks related to laser hair removal treatments – and what you can do if you have an injury.

Burning the skin

It doesn’t always happen – luckily – but occasionally it does; that’s a risk of the procedure you should be aware of (and you should be informed of this by the technician or beautician before the procedure is executed). Most incidents happen because of lack of training, because of inferior or low-quality equipment, or because of negligence. Burning can lead to scarring, which can in turn lead to emotional or psychological trauma.

Can it be prevented?

Yes, injuries can be prevented – that’s the frustrating part. Make sure your beautician:

  • Informs you properly regarding the risks that are involved

  • Allows you to change your mind if you feel the risks are too high

  • Gives you advice and support for after the procedure

Technician’s requirements

There are no specific requirements laid down by UK law when it comes to laser hair removal procedures; the industry is not regulated in that way yet. This means that you are never sure whether or not your technician has undergone specific training and neither can the technician be blamed unless he or she did not follow proper protocol.

What should I do?

Seek legal help immediately from a laser burn solicitor or a solicitor experienced in laser treatment injuries if you have sustained an injury through no fault of your own!

You should understand that it is your duty to seek compensation if you feel you have been wronged; there’s a lot depending on it. Not only will seeking compensation for your injury give you a change of recovery and healing with more financial means, it will only ensure that the guilty party – often the beautician or technician – does not repeat the same mistake again with other customers. It will also advance the regulation of the beauty industry so that more and more trained personnel are put in place. If you have ever been a victim of laser hair removal injuries, contact a legal professional today; they’re there to help, often on a no-win no-fee basis.

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