Five Ways to Brighten Someone’s Day

You may wonder at the title but it is true to say that when any one of us does something that will brighten another’s day, we also feel better. Television, radio and newspaper reports are full of what is wrong with the world, it would do all of us some good to try and make something nice happen to counteract all the nastiness.

Below are five ways for you to add something positive to your part of the world. Why not take some time to think about how you might find ways to brighten someone’s day.

1. Get Them Some Chocolate

If you haven’t seen someone for a while, and you know that some small things give them pleasure, then why not indulge that pleasure. Give your mother, aunt or cousin a bit of a boost by sending them chocolate by post. Imagine the look on that person’s face when they open the door next day and are presented with an unexpected gift. If you know someone is a chocolate lover then why not give them this small treat.

Chocolates are such a small, but often very welcome treat. If the person you are thinking of doesn’t get to see many people then a small, unexpected gift can make a world of difference. You may not believe it but it will go a long way to making your own day as well.

2. Send a Funny Card 

Most of us think about people that we haven’t seen for a while, promise ourselves that we will make a date for that or give them a ring, then they get pushed to the back of our minds again. Next time you find yourself thinking of someone you haven’t seen for a while, get a funny card and give them something to laugh about. Not only will you have shared a joke, you will also have let them know that they are not always bottom of your list.

3. Talk to People 

I know, you feel that talking to people you have never met before marks you out as the local loony, not so, most people appreciate it when someone takes the trouble to say good morning. If you really do feel uncomfortable then why not start by asking someone for directions, even if you do know your way around. Asking a question is a good way of breaking the ice so that you can then say something to brighten that person’s day.

4. Listen to Your Friends 

Most of us think that we are good listeners, when in reality we only half listen to what our friends are saying, the other half of our mind is thinking up what we ourselves, can say next. Let them know you have listened by starting your response repeating something that they have said, before you pose a question. When someone demonstrates that they are really listening to you and not just waiting for a chance to speak, it really can brighten their day.

5. (And One For You) Give Yourself the Happy Taste of Chocolate

 This may sound daft, but if you are feeling down then why not treat yourself. Order yourself some Chocolate by post if it will brighten your day. A little chocolate is actually good for you and can release serotonin which makes you feel happier. Often, if you find ways to brighten your own day, it is a lot easier to take the time to brighten the day for someone else.

Written by the team at Lily O’Brien’s, proud to be brightening people’s day with delicious chocolate by post!

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