Five Holidays When Your Special Lady Deserves Some Diamonds

There are many times where it is appropriate to give your special lady diamonds, including birthdays, anniversaries, or the passing of other important events and milestones. However, there are also national holidays where commemorating love and showing appreciation are not only appropriate, but sometimes expected. This article will outline five major holidays when women might expect an above and beyond gift.

New Year’s Day

The first holiday that should not go unnoticed is January 1st, or New Year’s Day. The beginning of a new year is the opportune time to announce or even reaffirm your romantic feelings toward your partner. Letting her know you want and need her in the coming year will go a long way in making her feel loved and appreciated. Often, New Year’s is a time when individuals make fresh commitments or reconfirm their dedications to old ones. In fact, this may be the perfect time for some men to purchase lab made diamonds and propose to their lovers.

Valentine’s Day

The second, and perhaps most important holiday of all to cherish your lady and not leave her disappointed is February 14th, or Valentine’s Day. Many women expect a surprising and grand gesture from their lovers on this national holiday. Diamonds might be the right solution in displaying your eternal love. After all, diamonds are said to last forever.

Woman’s Day

The third holiday that may easily be overlooked occurs on March 8th. It is International Woman’s Day. This day is a good time to express how much your special lady means to you and honor her for all she does for you and others, as well as acknowledge lifetime accomplishments.

Mother’s Day

The fourth holiday that should remain unforgotten is Mother’s Day, which takes place on the second Sunday of May each year. Keeping a household functioning takes a lot of hard work that can sometimes be taken for granted and otherwise make a woman feel under-appreciated. Raising a child is no small feat and mothers need to know just how much they are cherished and needed. You can show your appreciation with a set of lab created diamonds.

Christmas Day

The fifth is December 25th. Christmas Day is an absolutely divine time to present jewelry to your loved one. Thank your special lady for staying by your side as you have battled the obstacles of that year together, and then look forward to discovering what the future holds in the coming new year.

After reading this article, you may be thinking one of two things. Either you are thinking “I already bought her a ring, what more does she want?” To you, I would say all women want to feel loved and appreciated. You can get her earrings, a necklace or bracelet if you think your wedding or engagement ring was enough.

Or, you may be thinking, “I’m not ready for the commitment of buying her diamonds.” You do not have to be ready to get her a ring, but you might be ready to get her earrings, a necklace or a bracelet. These types of jewelry do not have the same type of commitment level as a ring. However, if she is expecting a ring and you aren’t ready, make sure the jewelry you do get her is in a box that does not look like a ring box so she won’t be disappointed.

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