Buying a Safe Trampoline online has never been Easier

If you’ve been reading up on the news online, you’ve likely heard that trampoline injuries are on the rise. In fact, in the last 10 years, trampoline-related hospital visits have nearly doubled in the US. The even more frightening fact is that over 90 percent of those injuries were dealt to children younger than 16. Aside from broken bones, typical trampoline-related injuries range from cuts and sprains to traumatic brain injuries, and most injuries also occur when multiple users are jumping at once. However, the even sadder news is the lack of government response. Unfortunately, the safety regulations implemented by government health organizations are paltry, and many companies are content to offer the bare minimum in safety — a rigid frame, exposed springs, and some flimsy pads.

Tired of the status quo in trampoline safety and wishing to offer his daughter the chance for safety and fun, one New Zealand father decided that trampolines and safety standards didn’t have to be mutually exclusive, and he set out to revolutionize a new, safety-first design that put quality manufacturing first. Dr. Keith Alexander, a father and medical engineer decided to redesign the trampoline in order to offer children the chance for outdoor bouncing without the spills.

He set out to eliminate 90 percent of the preventable injuries caused annually by trampolines, and accomplished this goal with some major modifications. Springfree Trampoline has partnered with Dr. Alexander and manufactured the world’s safest trampoline. His first major alteration was to remove springs completely — thereby eliminating the chance for children to pinch or tear their skin or hair. Traditional metal springs are often just inches from the jumpers’ area which jeopardizes their safety very, but Dr. Alexander’s new design replaced these dangerous coils with flexible carbon rods that are ingeniously placed below the jumping surface, totally hidden away from bouncers. To see the design specifications for yourself, visit to browse the full catalogue.

Traditional trampoline design places the springs on a horizontal plane with the mat and suspended on the metallic rim that surrounds the trampoline, which causes a startling number of injuries since the springs and the frame are within easy reach of any jumper. A Springfree trampoline, on the other hand, is made using flexible composite rods that have replaced the springs and that have been ingeniously placed out of harm’s way. The metal frame has also been placed below the mat, further reducing harm. Finally, where the SoftEdge mat — 30 times more shock absorbent than traditional trampoline pads — ends, the FlexiNet enclosure begins. Supported by the same material that provide the mat its one-of-a-kind bounce, support rods keep the net enclosure pliable in order to absorb the weight of jumpers and guide them safely back to the bouncing mat. These three safety features have allowed Springfree to successfully remove 90% of product-related injury in its trampolines, allowing the US consumer piece of mind when purchasing a trampoline online.

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