5 Fashion Trends For The 2016 Fall/Winter Season

Perhaps no other industry thrives more on continuous change than the fashion industry. Trends are initiated across the world only to quickly meet their end as new styles eventually overtake them. Fashion jewellery in general is subjected to the same kind of rapid succession interspersed with occasional bouts of innovation, as the trends that look set to dominate the upcoming fall/winter season clearly attest to:

1. Pearls are back

Lately, the rather traditional-looking pearl has been incorporated by the fashion industry in some decidedly unconventional looks. It has accessorized things such as military jackets, denim patches and even sports sweaters, thereby proving that everything can be updated for the modern age.

2. Single or asymmetric earrings

Earrings are some of the most popular types of jewellery on the planet, which can sometimes make it challenging to put them in new and innovative contexts. Nevertheless, this year’s crop of fashion designers seems to have developed a preference for asymmetric designs, where one earring is considerably larger than the other, or even single earrings that can add a dose of mystery to their wearer.

3. Talisman jewellery

As far as costume jewellery for girls goes, this season heavily featured lucky charms and protective symbols that transcend their roots in hippie bohemianism. Things like dream-catchers can be molded into necklaces for an extra dose of mysticism, as this year’s women get ready to embrace their spiritual side.

4. Grunge influences

Recent collections have shown a strong connection to the trends that have come to define the 1990s, especially the rather dark vibes associated with grunge fashion. It’s no wonder then that rebel jewellery has grown in popularity, with the likes of silver-dipped chains and layered necklaces worn between leather jackets currently being in high demand. More than just a 90s nostalgia trip, the trend also features a re-imagining of some of its most iconic looks. Whereas safety pins were once simply attached to clothing in their regular form, now they’re often fastened together in a necklace shape or worn as statement earrings.

5. Gemstones and crystals

As an alternative to the raw look proposed by some designers, many of the popular outfits on this year’s catwalks featured uncut necklaces and pendants. Crystal mania defiantly took hold of most fall and winter collections, with stone earrings providing an anchoring detail that plays to the strengths of more sober-looking costumes. In fact, the entire industry appears to be experiencing a Baroque revival as far as jewellery use is concerned, with many pieces that feature a striking mix of crystals and pigment. Period references abound, but it’s hard to deny the cutting-edge flavour that unmistakably adorns these contemporary pieces.

As you can see, the world of fashion jewellery has plenty to offer to anyone looking to spruce up their look in the coming period. Of course, all the aforementioned trends are cyclical, which means that what’s hot today might not be the same tomorrow. Keeping up with fashion may sometimes seem like a full-time job, but it’s the surest way to maintain a level of adventurousness when it comes to your clothing choices.

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