What To Wear…. On A Motorbike

Ok, so our men think it’s hot to see a bikini clad woman sprawling over a harley. Instead he has his frumpy wife on his battered old Yamaha right? WRONG!

Ladies, we can be sexy on that motorbike. No not his bike either, I’m talking about our bikes. And bike clothing is getting better. Seriously, it can almost be deemed as cool!

We all know it’s extremely stupid to be riding a Harley whilst wearing a bikini so I have listed below what we should and can wear whilst looking super beautiful out on that road.




A helmet is essential for anyone wishing to ride a motorbike. It is a legal requirement! There are two main types of helmets, full face or open face / flip up. Which ever you choose, make sure that your helmet meets the British Standard and carries the BSI Kitemark. When choosing that helmet don’t just go for how it looks. I personally love my sleek black full face helmet. If you like a retro helmet The Biker Store stock amazing helmets by DAViDA You can get decals on them if you want. I’ve seen a red and white dotted one with a bow on top to look like Minnie Mouse.


I again opt for a sleek all black leather jacket. What ever you wear, make sure you have optimum protection for your spine and elbows. Protection comes first. Looking amazingly hot on your ride comes second.


I am guilty here of preferring leather chaps to jeans. I know full well I will never wear a skirt or a bikini bottom on top of my engine. Leather doesn’t have to look chunky either. I love the sleek slim leather trousers that keep out the rain and keep me looking toned.


Ok, whatever you wear, stilettos and flip flops are a no! Please don’t think that this is what you should be wearing. I, again opt for black thigh high leather boots with a small heel to keep me on the pegs.

At the end of the day, wear what you feel safe and comfortable in. Ladies, we look hot on that purring engine regardless of what we wear. We certainly don’t need to wear a bikini to look good on our bikes. As you can tell I much prefer all black leather (apart from the helmet) I’m not a big fan of multicoloured leathers and multicoloured bikes.

You can find what you’re looking for at thebikerstore.co.uk pick up some cool leathers then get on your bike and ride.



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