Top 3 Jewelry combinations to complement your outfits

Every girl has the transition from a teenager, with a t-shirt and dirty slip-on slippers, to a diva with the perfect combination of jewelry and outfits. The combination of the perfect jewelry and clothing outfits is only achieved through endless endeavors to master the look. The top most stage of the art of balancing your jewelry/clothes combination is to realize that you don’t really have to wear all the items of jewelry that you possess, in one go. Modesty and fashion both walk hand in hand to state the viewpoint that you can totally rock your look by achieving the perfection of wearing a few jewelry items which complement your overall clothes.

Interestingly, there is a perfect jewelry combination that can be achieved to match with your desired outfit for the day. The jewelry items that can complement the clothes you wear daily are:

The work look

Worried about the ensemble that you turn out in on your first day at the new internship? You can opt for either one of a lined blazer, cropped pants, a tee, a lined blouse or a sheath dress. Whatever you decide to wear for work, your jewelry combination has to be on point. Wearing all the jewelry, you possess, to work is really overdoing it, and not the best option. The best way to go about the ordeal is to wear jewelry that has an appropriate mix of sparkle and energy. Once you have all the appropriate jewelry, from your collection, ready. You can opt for a necklace, a bracelet and some fun ear rings, to get the right impression through.

Going on a date

Going on a date with your recent tinder find is an exciting prospect. But the excitement should not have the better of you, while you are selecting what to wear. You can either go for a casual outfit from Saint Tropez basic clothing, or you can dress up to impress. The outfit you wear depends on the selection of the perfect jewelry items. Unlike the jewelry you could try for work, there is a huge opportunity for you to add some sparkle over here. You can go for a sparkling necklace, and complement it with pearls on all the other jewelry that you wear. Furthermore, you can inculcate a shiny cuff bracelet to win over your date on first look.

Going on a fancy party

There are plenty of options that you can explore while going out on a fancy party. Fancy parties give the guests an opportunity to get really glammed up. So, if you have any glamorous, shiny piece of jewelry on your hands, get them on for this event. The fancy dress that you decide that you wear can be enhanced with the addition of serious bling. You can go for a shiny necklace and sparkling silver ear rings to impress all the guests. Furthermore, you can also support a silver tiara on your head to get the compliments rolling. There is no such need to wear a bracelet, but a ring can be worn.

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