The wonders of wood flour

Wood flour can be used for a number of things and is often of highly efficient filler for composites in many industries. And best of all: Wood flour is the ecologically sound choice as a composite filler


Whether you are a private consumer looking to use filler for creating products or you buy large amounts of filler for the e.g. the building industry, wood flour is something you will want to get to know better.


Wood flour diminishes waste


As a highly efficient filler for composites and is often used in producing linoleum and bakelite, wood flour has a long-life span. From the sawmill, sawdust and wood flour emerges from the cutting of trees. When making wood flour, the sawdust is pulverized completely to make something, that can only be described as flour. Because sawdust is initially a byproduct in the sawmill, wood flour is in itself producing a very small carbon footprint.


Added to the natural low environmental costs of producing wood flour, is that wood flour from Dansk Træmel is made from wood that either PEFC or FSC-certified, ensuring that the balance of the forests and woods of the world are not harmed, environmentally or socially, in the process of cutting down the trees for wood flour. Buy wood flour online.


What makes high quality wood flour


Wood flour that can easily be integrated and used, is characterized by having the right consistency and texture, adding a filler to the composite that is even and smooth, without lumps or changes in texture.


At Dansk Træmel, high quality wood flour is absolutely smooth and even, making it easy to mix for linoleum and for composites for the building industry.

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