The Top Reasons Why Made to Measure Suits are a Better Choice for the Modern Man

The men of today have a lot more demands when it comes to what they use to groom themselves and how they look. That’s probably one reason why there are more products geared towards the modern man, such as men’s shampoos, men’s styling products, men’s cologne, and even men’s makeup (yes, they are out there – if you know where to look). Men today are also more particular with how they present themselves to the public, and the first rule of thumb when it comes to presenting a good impression is a good suit. Are you thinking of having a suit made just for you? Here are the top reasons why made to measure suits are a better choice for the modern man.

What is a made to measure suit?

First, let’s address the question of what a made to measure suit really is. It’s simple: a made to measure suit is a suit that has an altered fit, which is unlike ready-to-wear suits. Usually, made to measure suits are offered by popular brands which also offer RTW suits, but you can have your measurements taken and your choice in style and cloth followed, and the suit is then made in a factory or the same shop making RTW suits, according to your own specifications.

Whilst a bespoke suit also takes your measurements into consideration, it is made by one or two tailors by hand, whilst a made to measure suit is usually made in a factory (also by skilled tailors, however). After some time, you can then go back to the shop to pick up your made to measure suit which has been cut and styled according to your arm length, waist, chest size, and so on.

The top advantages of a made to measure suit

  • Your personal style

With a made to measure suit, you have a chance to express your personality, with buttons, fabric, accessories, and trimmings. In some personal style aspects, a made to measure suit is even better than a bespoke suit.

  • More original cloth

The choice in fabric or cloth is also better with made to measure suits, since the cloth doesn’t just come from the ‘cloth mills’ often used by bespoke tailors – the cloth used by the RTW and made to measure shop can actually be more original and even innovative, and can also be exclusive to a particular brand.

  • A high quality service

With a lot more demand for made to measure suits nowadays, shops have become more competitive and have begun to offer an even higher quality service. You can be assured of better attention to detail, with the shops following certain standards when it comes to quality and design.

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