Planning the perfect garden party

Now that the days are finally getting lighter and the evenings getting longer, we’d be surprised if you haven’t started to wonder when it’s going to get warm enough to have people over and enjoy the longer days in the comfort of your own back yard.

While it’s probably not wise to put the cushions back on your rattan garden furniture in the hope that you’ll be using them for entertaining soon, there’s nothing stopping you from putting a plan together for the best first garden party of 2018!

Ward against the Weather

We all know how unpredictable the weather can be – even during the warmer months, there’s no guarantee that the weather will stay the same throughout the whole day.

It’s important that you have somewhere that your guests can go if the weather takes a turn for the worst. Gazebos are a great idea for keeping the party going outside and can be ideal for those guests who prefer to sit in the shade, too!

Alternatively, you could just invite people inside your home, but make sure that you’ll have enough room if that is to be your backup plan!

Turn up the heat

Evenings can get extremely cold, even during summer, so it’s essential that you have some form of outdoor heating to keep your guests toasty and warm when the temperatures start to drop as the sun goes down.

Whether you choose to invest in a patio heater, or go one step further and create a firepit in your garden is completely up to you, but fire is always a great attention grabber, and you can continually add more wood to it to keep it going – with gas heaters, you’re pretty stuck if your gas runs out!

Besides, who doesn’t want to feel like they are around a campfire? There’s no better feeling!


If you go to a garden party, you wouldn’t expect to have to bring your own seating arrangement – drinks, yes… but somewhere to park yourself when you’ve had enough of mingling? Definitely not.

As the host, it’s your job to ensure that there are enough seats for all your guests at any given time. You’re there to ensure that they have a good time as well as yourself, so even if you have to dig out those old dining chairs from the attic, make sure that everyone has somewhere to sit.

Moveable seats are also ideal – people can pull them up to your dining set if they are wanting to have something to eat, or are catching up with friends but there’s no room left on the sofa.

If you don’t have access to extra chairs, make use of the rest of your garden and provide pillows and cushions for people to sit on while on the lawn or on the deck!

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