Perfectly Priscilla: Poise, Perfection, and Confidence

Every woman deserves to be confident in her clothes. When you look good, you feel good! The best news is that there are colors, styles, and clothes that will make any woman feel great.

Wear the size that makes you feel most comfortable. Try a new fabric. Test out a new color. Find a style that works best, and then roll with it.

Between all of the roles a woman plays, she might not always get a chance to feel special or like she has a chance to dress up. This is why it is important to let ladies have the time to primp and feel good about their appearance. With a variety of options in their closets, you can feel stylish and confident every day. Confidence is key, and this allows you comfortable in your own skin.

For all of these reasons and more, Perfectly Priscilla is ready to cater to all of your plus size fashion needs.


From formal to casual, Perfectly Priscilla has styles that suit everyone. With so many different, high-quality materials, their dresses are made to make a woman feel comfortable in her clothes. They are also made to help a plus sized woman feel beautiful.

Always tasteful enough for the office, Perfectly Priscilla helps a woman look pulled together for the job. There are a wide variety of fashions for formal workwear and also memorable date-night outfit ideas to keep you in the spotlight! Looking poised has never been so easy. And for those who want a little more help with an overall look, their amazing Styleboxes arrive with everything that is needed to make a complete trendy outfit.

For example, in January the Stylebox was made up of a black beaded necklace, leggings, and a vibrant three quarter sleeve tunic. There are so many boots the tunic can be paired with, which makes it perfect for this winter and spring. With its open neckline, the tunic is made to emphasize a plus-sized figure. Customers are just a click away from a perfectly poised outfit.


There are some occasions a woman just needs a certain dress for. From evening gowns to office dresses, Perfectly Priscilla has the answer. From lace to wraps, their plus size dresses suit every occasion. New Year New You is a stunning gold dress that could be worn on New Year’s or other exciting occasions. There are holiday dresses that sparkle with elegance, but there are other special occasion night-on-the-town dresses.

The Styleboxes are not only convenient, but they help to create a wardrobe that coordinates perfectly. See a pretty top? Add that to the cart, and check out what might be suggested as accessories. Perfectly Priscilla is stocked to be able to meet customers’ needs in every single part of an outfit.


Women who choose Perfectly Priscilla are stylish and feel good about accenting their figure in the best way possible. By creating flowing styles, Perfectly Priscilla helps plus sized women to outfit themselves in fashion that feels good and looks great. Dressing comfortably can change how a woman feels about herself, and it helps her feel more confident to take on the day.

Functional and fashionable, the beautiful Patches on My Heart dress is a unique patchwork patterned that is cut to flatter any body type. With its stretchy material and open neckline, any woman would feel good with its flexibility. Pop the Champagne dress is a distinct and alluring black wrap dress that ties in the right places. Accenting at the waist, the dress makes any woman look stunning.

By running true to size, Perfectly Priscilla makes sure customers do not find any surprises when they receive their orders. The right size is sent each time. This takes care of endless packing slips, boxes, and needless trips to the post office.

Ready to Take on the World

With the vibrant colors, endless styles, and fashions, Perfectly Priscilla is ready to help women have it all by looking stylish and feeling great in their clothes. There is no reason to skip the accessory section, either!

Keep up to date with accessories like the Whisper in the Wind necklace. The taupe can match with many other colors, and the tassel is right in style. Feeling lucky? The Clover Fever necklace will pull any ensemble together and spice up an outfit. In gold and black, this is the perfect piece to top off an outfit. With styles from flats to booties, women can find the perfect shoes to finish off their outfits.

Any woman wearing Perfectly Priscilla will feel good in her skin. She will definitely feel poised, polished, perfect and confident. She will be ready to take on the world.

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