How to Start a Fashion Business with Dropshipping

If fashion is your passion, today is the best time to start an online fashion business. In just a few hours, you can literally become the owner of an e-commerce store selling trendy T-shirts, hats, dresses, tops, bottoms, jackets, and accessories, which is possible with the dropshipping business model.


In this article, we’ll discuss what dropshipping is, how you can leverage this business model to start a fashion business and the shortcuts to gaining success.

1. What is Dropshipping?

According to Fit Small Business, dropshipping is “a way to sell physical products without having a storefront or having to buy inventory in bulk but still getting a wholesale price from your supplier.” Dropshipping is one of the most popular business models for e-commerce, which cover 33% of all e-commerce sellers worldwide.

It means as a store owner, you merely need to create an e-commerce store and start selling products immediately by posting their photos and specifications. You don’t need to have physical inventory in the warehouse, because you’ll only purchase a product from dropshipping wholesalers after it has been ordered and paid for by the customer.

The orders will be fulfilled and shipped by the supplier as well so the store owner can focus on marketing and customer service activities. This video titled “What is Dropshipping” explains this business model really well.

2. Starting a Fashion Business

Ideally, before you design the site with an e-commerce platform like Shopify or a Woocommerce plugin, you should already have some idea on the products to sell. The fashion industry has a comprehensive classification of clothing apparel to select from. You can sell best-selling items like T-shirts and various fashion items for women, men, and children.

After choosing the category or sub-category to focus on, start looking for several reputable suppliers. Dropshipping apps like Oberlo allows you to select products sold by pre-vetted wholesalers directly from the dashboard. However, you’re still recommended to do a test order first to ensure proper communication and excellent customer service between you and the wholesalers.

3. Shortcuts to Success

With the dropshipping approach, you can focus on marketing and other activities that increase the bottom line, instead of worrying about inventory and shipment. This would leave you with more hours in a day to work on fashion-related activities, which truly reflect your passion in fashion.

You can also position yourself and your fashion store brand well on social media. Also, you can execute digital marketing with inbound marketing principles by publishing informational blog articles and giving away downloadable gifts. The key to success in being a dropshipping fashion store founder is determined by implementing excellent marketing strategies.

A staggering 96% of U.S. fashion brands harness the power of Instagram marketing really well with an engagement rate of 2.3% according to Forrester Research. This figure is 10 times higher than Facebook and 100 times higher than Twitter. To leverage the power of Instagram, collaborate with fashion influencers, even if you need to start with micro influencers with only a few thousand followers.


In conclusion, if fashion is your thing, start a dropshipping fashion online store right away. You’ll only need to spend a few hours setting up the e-commerce platform, install a dropshipping management app, and start promoting it on Instagram and other social media networks.

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