How Can You Appraise Your Diamond Ring

Are you looking for diamond ring appraisal? If yes, you can do it from any of the leading jewelry appraisers. Since jewelry appraisal involves different factors along with high-risk value, you need to be aware about the entire process. Here is a general guideline to that:

Diamond ring appraisal mainly means the inspection of the ring and its individual qualities. Ranging from the stone quality, stone setting to other features, every aspect is scrutinized under the appraisal process. The whole idea behind diamond appraisal is to find the true monetary value of the jewelry. Jewelry owners do an appraisal of their jewelry for several reasons – when they want to resell it or for insurance purpose.

Most of the jewelry appraisers carry a more or less same procedure of jewelry appraisal. They look at the diamond ring stone. They follow the diamond grade standards. Ranging from the diamond cut to its shape, every aspect determines the value of the diamond.

Common diamond shapes are heart, oval, round and so on. There are few popular diamond cuts – princess cut, marquiae, emerald and so on.

Diamond color also plays an important role in the overall value of the diamond. D is the symbol used to denote the diamond color as best. Similarly, Z is used to denote the diamond color as worst.

Many jewelry appraisers also consider the diamond’s polish, fluorescence and symmetry to evaluate the diamond’s worth.

The ring is separately evaluated apart from the diamond stone. Again, different metals can be used in the making of the ring. Most common ring metals could be – platinum, yellow gold or white gold. Each of these metals will have a separate influence on the diamond ring’s overall worth.

The appraiser will look into the factors like – age of the ring and artisanship.

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In the appraisal report, every detail is described properly. This is done to help the jewelry owner understand the reason behind the monetary value.

To get an accurate jewelry appraisal, it is important that you choose a good jewelry appraiser. Again, choosing a jewelry appraiser is a challenging process. Often it is seen that many people with half knowledge claim themselves to be jewelry appraisers. Thus, it is highly essential that you choose a jewelry appraiser with all the necessary certification. Many reputed institutes offer accreditation to the qualified jewelry appraisers. Remember that accreditation with these institutes somewhere verifies the authenticity of the jewelry appraiser.

Before you hire a jewelry appraiser, make sure to enquire about the tools he will use in the process. Many jewelry appraisers just use a microscope for the evaluation. However, in most occasions this is not enough. Reputed jewelry appraisers will have master stones to understand the actual color of the diamond. It is advisable that you zero down at least 2-3 jewelry appraisers and finally choose one. In case of any doubt, you can always ask for suggestions from your family and friends. They will guide you on the best jewelry appraisers in your city.

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