What to do When You and Your Spouse Have Differing Vacation Styles

Opposites attract, but differences can sometimes make for frustration. One of the areas in which this can occur is travel. One spouse prefers a quiet, relaxing vacation that includes drinks by the pool and a pile of books and magazines, while the other wants to go ziplining through the jungle. At first glance, it seems these two would be better off taking separate vacations, right? Not necessarily. It is possible for couples with differing interests to enjoy their time off so long as they are willing to accommodate the other. Read on for what to do you when you and your better half have different ideas of what your vacations should look like.

Compromise Is Key

Like any successful partnership, couples need to look out for each other’s needs before they decide on a vacation destination. Make a list of your favorite places and compare them with those of your spouse. Are there one or two places that you both can agree on? For example, if one of you wants to go surfing while the other wants to curl up with a good book, look for beach packages. Do you like to experience nightlife while your spouse prefers to check out the shopping districts? Destinations such as Milan and Tel Aviv provide great options for both. Israel travel (click here) is very popular with those seeking culture, sports, and sophistication. If your vacation spot includes both options, you can spend some time relaxing and a few hours hitting the town—and you will both be happy.

Create An Itinerary

Even if you don’t like to plan schedules for your vacation, a simple list of things you and your spouse would like to do will ensure that you cover everything you both had in mind. Often before a vacation you both have ideas of where you would like to make sure to visit, but once on vacation you may forget and regret it later. Prior to the trip, flip through a tourbook and make a list—and include things you each want to do, but make sure to do them together. For example, set a few hours aside for a spa treatment together after you partake in a sport. Agree to tour a museum with your spouse, and then you can both play a round of golf.

Keep An Open Mind

Vacations are a time to rejuvenate and lower some of your inhibitions. If you keep insisting upon your own way, not only will it make your spouse’s vacation less enjoyable, but you won’t feel too good about yourself later. Be willing to try new things, go to new places, and eat different foods. It’s a vacation, after all, not a precursor to permanent residency. The only reservations you should take with you on a trip are the ones that get you into a restaurant or theatre. Leave the other types at home. Adopt the mindset that you really want to make sure the trip will be fun for your spouse, and do everything in your power to make him or her happy. If he or she does the same for you, and if you are each focused on making the other happy and enjoy vacation, then you will both have a really great time. Remember, it is really about spending time with each other—does it really matter what activities you’re doing?

If you stay in the right mindset, think about your spouse, and plan in advance, you will have a great vacation that you will remember for years to come!

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