Dangers of Cosmetic Surgery: 4 Beauty Injuries to Be Aware Of

With growing advancements in cosmetic surgery, the number of individuals willing to undergo surgical procedures for beautification purposes has increased. Patients are not just growing in number, but parents are becoming more lenient about allowing their minor children to underage surgeries which can have lasting effects on a growing body. Because of this, the higher occurrences of procedures will inevitably result in a handful of surgery-related injuries. Not to discredit the viability of cosmetic surgery, but it is true that cosmetic surgery claims against beauty clinics are relatively common. Whether it be due to the procedure’s difficulty, the patient’s lack of knowledge, or the medical practitioner’s inability, surgical injuries can grow from a simple scar to a deadly health complication.


At the top of this list is one of the simpler mishaps that can happen during surgery. Scarring is one of the more common effects of cosmetic surgery. Though scars are common when it comes to surgeries, practitioners make it a point to reduce the visibility of the scars and aim to treat it after through scar removal or the use of topical medicine. There are still instances of scarring that can be unhealthy for your body. Scars like those that are born from collagen deposits can be relatively harmless.


The use of clean equipment for sutures and cuts is one of the first and last procedures in surgeries. Though infection is one of the common complications when it comes to plastic surgery, it can range from simple to severe depending on where the cut is. Operations outside the body can run the risk of infection to the skin, but more dangerous infections could rise from an internal infection such as tummy tucks.

Organ damage

You would think that cosmetic surgery would stay away from the more vulnerable parts of the body. Cosmetic surgery might feel similar to plastic surgery, which deals with reconstruction and restoration rather than beautification, but this does not mean that they don’t share similar mishaps. One cosmetic procedure that can be problematic to the body’s functions is liposuction, a beautifying procedure that can be harmful to unprepared internal organs. Repairing damaged organs close to the area which have undergone liposuction could take several additional surgeries to remedy related problems.

Problems with anaesthesia

There is a reason why surveys regarding allergic reactions are typical in patient waiver forms. An allergic reaction is one of the fatal accidents that can occur during surgery. It could lead to the patient waking up during surgery or being suddenly unresponsive during the procedure. Anaesthesia allergies can lead to some severe complications such as lung infections and even heart attacks.

These mishaps raise doubt about whether cosmetic surgery is a viable mode of beautification, but most of the time, these mishaps happen due to the negligence of the doctor or the unawareness of the patient. Being fully aware of the procedure and its long-term implications is a must for any medical procedure.

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